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Comparing to LA-936S/LA-915S,the LA-938S/LA-918S have more SPL output. LA-938S

features dual 8”  woofers and  1.75” driver. They are full area coverage system, ideal for wide range medium size venues of all different shape and harsh sound reinforcement architecture.

SUB- LA-918S is the matched active Subwoofer for LA-938S, which features LA as a active 3-way array system. Suitable for auditoriums, banquet halls, community centers, sports bars, shopping malls, boardrooms, gyms and many other medium-sized performance


  • Model: LA-938S
  • Type: 2×8” Active Line array
  • Component:2ways 2×8”+1×1.75”Hi driver
  • Finish:Textured Black Paint
  • Construction:15mm
  • Plywood Impedance:4Ω
  • Power Handling:350W(RMS), 450W (Peak) 
  • Sensitivity(1W/1M):100dB


  • Max Output SPL: 125dB at 1m
  • Dispersion:100°/10° Single
  • Frequency respondence:60Hz-20KHz(±3dB)
  • Connector:XLR Male/Female
  • Power Supply:AC 220V(50/60Hz)
  • Item Size:283×640×430mm
  • Packing Size:355×700×460mm/pc
  • Net weight:24kg/pc
  • Gross Weight:27kg/pc