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LA active line array system, it provides remarkable capability and simple installation characters and more, it can versatile used in different venues according to the different requirements. The outstanding radiating character have given the most cleat and exquisite sound for the whole system, the sound go through strongly and the bass sounds deep with flexibility ,it is a high power, wide-band main loudspeaker system. Optional flying suspension or stand-mounting, Ideal for community centers, bars, shopping malls, boardrooms, churches and many other public environments.


  • Model: LA-936S
  • Type: 2×6.5” Active Line array speaker
  • Component:2ways
  • 6.5” +1×1.75”Hi-unit   
  • Finish:Textured Black Paint
  • Construction:15mm Plywood
  • Impedance:4Ω
  • Power Handling:250W(RMS), 350W (Peak)
  • Sensitivity(1W/1M):100dB


  • Dispersion:110°/10° Single
  • Frequency respondence:60Hz-20KHz(±3dB)
  • Connector:XLR Male/Female
  • Power Supply:AC 220V(50/60Hz) I
  • tem Size:240×500×430mm
  • Packing Size:300×530×460mm/pc
  • Net weight:19kg/pc
  • Gross Weight:21kg/pc